Claire Shuchun Yu


Claire is a devoted teacher who believes that lifelong learning is essential and development of culture requires active participation. This is the philosophy she follows for both herself and the students. She spent years in the educational sector, always aiming to guide the students to think critically, creatively and participate in the local culture through concrete actions.

Outside of her teaching career, she was also invited to assist the committee in the writing and reviewing of folk activities within the country, with the goal of passing them down to the next generation, implementing as well as preserving important values, uncovering new interpretations of tradition while emphasizing the importance of cultural innovation as core foundation for a cultured society.

She has participated in many Taiwanese cultural and creative product planning, brand upgrading and transformation, and artistic innovation program development, especially on the topic of global warming and climate change. In a time where environmental awareness is more important than ever, cultural and creative product research, development and development needs to be aligned with environmental values, merging as a sustainable part of the Earth’s ecosystem. Claire wishes to join the creation of the Art Center and contribute in the integration of industrial, governmental and academic resources, to jointly provide solutions for the development of a circular economy that allows for sustainable environment.