New Green Technology Solutions to Strengthen Global Distribution Channels and Brands with Circular Economy and Sustainability Visions

Vincentius Surya Kurnia Adi and Leiven Tsai

TAICHUNG – September 18, 2020 – PANELTECH.US Corp. was conceived with the purpose of providing green solutions for both global distribution channels and brands. Throughout the past years, it has successfully created a diverse portfolio of sustainable technologies that can be incorporated into green solutions. Most recently, it has been focusing on bio-based materials and alternatives.

PANELTECH.US abides by the goal of developing a venous industry, revitalizing waste into resources. Just like the numerous veins which carry blood with high concentration of carbon dioxide back to the heart, a part of the company’s manufacturing process transforms waste materials into resources that can be reutilized through conversion or processing. We as humans were given a functional system that helps us survive, it is part of our responsibility to also ensure that what we use from nature’s resources is also given back sustainably. A circular economy-based city is essentially like the body, in need of both systems. Hence, PANELTECH.US thrives to develop technologies fitted for smart waste management through delving deeper into each segment of the “venous” process.

Equipped with state-of-the-art green technologies, PANELTECH.US’ solutions cover 5 major segments. The technologies synergize to create green solutions tailored to specific environments and locations, all the while remaining scalable, profitable, and flexible. The technologies of PANELTECH forms and fits the definition of the circular economy as a regenerative system in which resource input and waste, emission, and energy leakage are minimized by slowing, closing, and narrowing material and energy loops achieved through long-lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and recycling.

First, PANELTECH.US works on the development of low-cost composite materials that is not only durable but eventually returns back to the soil as natural minerals with no negative impact on the environment. This technology focuses on creating biodegradable plastics and bio-based polymer products based on annually renewable agricultural and biomass feedstock, shifting away from products based exclusively on petroleum feedstock.

Second segment is intended for diversified application in existing industries where existing plastics can also be transformed to reusable materials. They become essential building blocks for furniture, appliances, clothing, tools etc. but now eco-friendly, recyclable and carbon-free. This leads to the third segment where PANELTECH.US ensures that the products are designed with lifespan fitted for a 100% green economy. By moving away from one-time recyclable materials to long term design with lifespan flexibility, PANELTECH.US is able to deliver the circular concept which is implemented through practical assessment and a clear and long-term target of zero-waste, reduced CO2 in mind.

Fourth segment emphasizes the importance of green logistics Hence PANELTECH.US enforce a context-tailored, locally implemented circular revitalization as its manufacturing strategy. Much of the plastics today need to be transported in order to be recycled and the transportation cost is very high. The opportunity cost is irrationally high for the market to enter into the recycling procedures. With locally implemented factory to perform the necessary recycling procedures, cost can be reduced and local resources can be integrated, creating employment opportunities and value-added benefits in the process. With such rigorous cost minimization, PANELTECH.US has provided significant contribution to one of the most important questions in green logistics on balancing environmental and business concerns.

Lastly, PANELTECH.US targets transformation of existing structures through plastic-like composite materials. Not only is the application diversified, we provide alternatives for the large plastic market currently dominating much of our consumption. These include plastic bags, lids, straws etc. The end-goal is no other than constructing a system that results in zero burden on the environment through understanding our current systemic obstacles.

Furnished with the aforementioned advantages, PANELTECH.US is planning to incorporate new technologies for the global distribution networks and brands. By doing so, it is leading to a more sustainable planet through reducing carbon emissions, petroleum-based plastic production, and waste, while combating the major impacts on our environment from various industries.

Moreover, PANELTECH.US’s Circular Economy Art Center is also founded as a green design center in collaboration with other universities and government sectors around the world. It serves as a medium for talented minds to communicate and bring their ideas to the international market. The partnership with the Circular Economy Art Center provides PANELTECH.US direct access to additional artistic talent, innovative research on green technologies, as well as design for its green solutions. In addition, it simultaneously links the two emerging fields of digital technologies and the circular economy to develop the Smart City Circular Economy framework.

PANELTECH.US brings green solutions that are aligned with the goals of the world’s governing bodies for a sustainable future. With its access to the world’s largest distribution channels and brands in combination with potential future partners, green foundations, and government sector, PANELTECH.US hopes to realize these goals under a scale no one has previously achieved.


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